one more...So, VoIP + Radio always was a fascinating subject for me and continues to intrigue me and I keep asking what else can be done on this platform.  YAESU have done a phenomenal job at bringing together the digital +analog world together into the internet world to enable radio enthusiasts like you and I to have long / short distance QSO, CQ through our base station, HT and through the internet to across the world.  When I first heard about WiRES-X, I was a bit overwhelmed by the idea of implementing it in my shack as a “Node” (sysop) service.  However, I must say, they have done a great job of simplifying the whole set up to absolutely bare bones.  I was able to get my radio hooked up to WiRES-X and up and running in 1/2 hour.  No kidding.  The only step that took a day or two was waiting for my website registration to go thru – but, that is basically nothing.


WiRES-X HRI-200 box connected to PC and YAESU 857D

WiRES-X SysOp Server AppYAESU has a product called, “HRI-200” a small footprint hardware device that drives a WiRES-X station.  WiRES is an acronym for “Wide Coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System”.  More information can be found in their website. Simply put, I can communicate with someone sitting in Japan from right here in Minneapolis through my HT, that passes through my radio antenna to my radio, then into my WiRES-X device, through my PC and out through the internet;  and finally reach the person I am trying to QSO in Japan.  While this workflow might seem daunting and complicated; in reality, this is all handled seamlessly and simply by the YAESU HRI-200 WiRES-X platform. I will have a short video of this soon and will publish it here.

Please do review my WiRES-X setup rig below and comment.

Thanks, 73


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