Self-Contained s/iGate + Digi

Yesterday, I quickly put together a self-contained, self-sustaining, easily deployable i/sGate + Digipeater in-a-box.  I had all the parts I needed, so, most of the work was to designing and assembling the system and took me about a day (after bug fixes, etc).

The parts I used here include:

  • A used Ammo-Can (large enough to hold 2 7Ah SLA batteries, and the below parts)
  • Raspberry Pi 2,
  • TNC-Pi,
  • Baofeng UV-5R w/ charging cradle and battery (1800mAh)
  • Solar Panel + Solar Charge Controller
  • 30A fuse box w/ fuse
  • a 30A rated switch (on/off)
  • cigarette lighter connector
  • cigarette lighter USB charger/adapter rated for 1.5A at a min
  • a few Anderson Pole connectors, and tools to make the wires
  • Wires/solder equipment
  • liquid electric tape  – exterior rated
  • Velcro tapes
  • grommet
  • tools of the trade
  • Hot glue / gun

A couple future additions/ideas:

  • air vent + fan (12v dc) for air circulation
  • weather related input devices

I have a YouTube video of the first phase and can be found here:

Since the video was made, I made a few mods to the setup to make it more efficient and zero noise and the below pictures are taken during and after the mods were made


Version 3: Rx Only w/ DireWolf 1.2 experiment

I made a few follow up modifications to the setup.

  • changed the iGate to use DireWolf software and thus removed TNC-Pi momentarily for experiment
  • changed the iGate to Rx Only
  • added a programmable voltage regulator at 5Amp rating
  • added the new usb WIFI dongle.

The below pictures are from these changes.

(since these experiments, I have finally landed on the following project for “field-ready” setup. The project can be found here)


73, N0AGI

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