I proudly (yet humbly) believe in The Lord God The Almighty (YHWH) and His holy Son YESHUA (Jesus Christ).  Period.

I say and share this in humility and w/ a personal sense of thanksgiving and w/ a desire for *MUST HAVE* trust in HIM.

I had my share of up and down times in my life;  I had been indifferent to The dear God and to The Lord Jesus Christ;  I had ignored to heed their word, their calling.  I had been in situations where I could have done better, where I could have attempted to be a better child unto the Lord, and could have done a better job and standing up for the name of The Lord. But, instead swayed to earthly sin; I had managed to push away HIS unfailing love.   …and, what’s more, I knew my Lord’s name; but, regardless to HIS name, I had continued on with ignoring HIM… and marched on in the path of sin un/knowingly.

Despite my shortcomings and my failing faith, YHWH has continued to hold my hands, w/ THEIR never failing love, patience, forgiveness and mercy.  He had pulled me out of the dark pit, with HIS own hands, and then set me upon a strong foundation; He plucked me away from the clutching hands of sin, and filled my life w/ His love, light, and showing me the path to follow His home. Just as a father would discipline his child, in love for his child, in sadness for his lost child, in a desire to wanting better for his child… YHWH has blessed me and my family w/ His mercy, love and provided me an opportunity to realize my short-comings.  And, one day, He in a flip-of-a-switch CHANGED me to a new me – His Miracle was shown to me – to this humble lost servant. This was and is GOD’s work and touch. He fought my battle and He won my battle *as HIS battle*. “His Battle” – yes, indeed – that’s the reality if you come to think about it.  All battles are HIS battles and we should let HIM drive those – they are beyond our human paradigm to grasp and fathom.

I am made new in Him, I am strong in HIM. In His unfailing love is my strength and in His shield of guard, is enclosed my fragile life. In my weakness shows HIS strength for HIS glory.

I am ever so grateful to the Lord God The Almighty, His holy son Yeshua, His holy Spirit for thus saving me. And, more than anything, HIS unfailing love, forgiveness.  And, for the MOST powerful gift of all, HIS dying on the CROSS for a sinner like me and for washing away my sins; for thus giving me and my family an eternal life in heaven to be w/ HIM thru HIS mercy.

In You my dear YHWH, I put my faith and trust.  Please guide me through YOUR will, help me follow YOUR lead; help me stay humble under Your wings;  help me stay strong and win amidst the dark winds around me; help me be Your humble servant; help me to always lean on You my Lord for all my needs;  Use me as Your tool for Your glory my God. Help me wait in You and stand upon Your foundation. Protect Your will that You have bestowed in me; help me do Your will not mine. In Your holy name, YHWH, i pray and so ask for my family and I. Thank you Father.

Just a handful of my favorite messages:

  1. Genesis 1:1
  2. Genesis 1:6
  3. ISA 55:11
  4. John 3:16
  5. Matt 11:28
  6. Rom 8:31
  7. PSA 46:10
  8. Matt 23:12
  9. JER 29:11
  10. Matt 6:33
  11. PSA 78:72
  12. EZE 36:27
  13. Luke 11:9
  14. ROM 16:20
  15. Joel 2:25
  16. ISA 45:22
  17. John 5:28-29
  18. PSA 37:7
  19. 2 COR 12:9


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