“Tower Project”

A few weeks back I had kicked off a Tower Install Project at the N0AGI QTH. The project is now completed. This page illustrates and records the progress of this project. Includes pictures taken during the project being underway and a series of YouTube videos.

The Terrestrial and ARISS Satellite APRS propagation reports can be found at the links.




YouTube video series of this project:

“Tower Project” YouTube playlist


Phase 1 Pictures:

Phase 2 Pictures:

Phase 3 and mounting 1st Comet GP-9 antenna for Terrestrial APRS and 442.175 Repeater; and GP-3 for ARISS sGate:

  • added new winch, roller fairlead, etc
  • moved shack from 2nd floor to the basement


73, N0AGI


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