DMR in Minnesota

Over the course of last 5 months or so, I have been spending some time reading up on the DMR Technology; how the DMR platform repeaters work, The concept of TDMA, TGs, Zones, TACs, etc , how the radios work and in general the DMR Network Architecture, C-Bridges, Cores, etc.,  at 30K foot level.

I am by no means a DMR grant-expert., but, from the fast-track experience I have been having, I was simply amazed by how simple to understand yet, comprehensive and robust the platform is.

During the course of this studying up, I thought I’d make an investment in a couple of DMR rigs and DMR Repeater to enhance and extend the DMR coverage here in the Minnesota region. At the time of my first repeater investment, there had been at least three C-Bridge network connected repeaters – namely, Minneapolis, Dayton and Oakdale. Most of the coverage was heavily focused on the metro, North/North Central/Metro West and some East.  Not much was going on coverage wise on the South/South-West/South-East of the Twin-Cities.

There has been pockets of HAM traffic (both voice and packet) down in the Prior Lake, Lakeville, Shakopee, Savage, Faribault, Rochester, Mankato, Le Sueur, Montgomery and some in the Albert Lea areas.  Added to that, recently, there has been a growing lot of DMR interest in these areas and pockets of hungry minds to learn more about DMR and implement, use and simply ENJOY the technology.

Three N0AGI DMR Repeaters in the State Of Minnesota

  1. DMR Repeater in Faribault, MN:
    • As a result of this above study + experience, but more importantly passion to enable and extend DMR reach, was born the idea of seeding DMR Repeater in the Faribault Area.  By partnering w/ similar DMR passionate minds – John Rowan, Adam Bjorklund, Bill Bryer, and Don Rice., my first DMR Repeater (N0AGI-FBL) was put on the air in Faribault, MN.  More details here
  2. DMR Repeater in Buck Hill – Burnsville, MN:
    • My 2nd DMR Repeater is now on top of the Buck Hill SKI Resort in Burnsville. More details here
  3. DMR Repeater in Medina, MN:
    • My 3rd DMR Repeater is now on top of the 450′ Hennepin County ARMER Site in Medina, MN. More details here


DMR Learning Material and Resources:

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