Lock for my Hood

If you’re a Jeeper, you’ll share my pain;  One thing that Jeeps don’t have is a factory installed hood lock.  I finally got myself a “BOLT LOCK” from Amazon and installed it this morning. It took ~20min – start to finish. Simple and Easy. Now I can rest in peace when leaving my Jeep in public parking.  And, best part is the lock works w/ my Jeep key.  One key does it all.

I did however face a minor issue w/ my copy of the BOLT LOCK.  For some reason, the latch did not want to unlock all the way.  Consequently, I loosened the inside hex-nut and displaced the latch to the right position and re-secured the hex-nut in place. That solve the issue.  The hex-nut goes over a notched shaft which the latch rides on.  By simply displacing the latch and ensuring that it re-seats on the shaft-notch, the lock works like a charm.

Tools I needed for the install: