N0AGI-5 in Minnetonka

The new current test bed site for the N0AGI-5 APRS Digi/iGate is in Minnetonka at N0BVE’s QTH Tower.

Some background on the previous N0AGI-5 Chaska Water Tower site can be found here:

As of last Saturday Oct 31 2015, the N0AGI-5 APRS Digi/iGate site has been moved over to the Minnetonka N0BVE’s QTH Tower site.  We will run a series of tests and propagation analytics over the course of 4-5 weeks to determine how this new location might perform for the APRS service and will make a determination on whether to semi-permanently keep it there or move it back to my QTH tower site.

I have been running a few APRS.FI snapshots of stats and propagation reports and here is a running log of those in pictures:

Propagation Reports Maps:


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