Artificial LIfe BEing – A.L.I.B.E. is an autonomous robot in the making (well, has been in that state for over a year).  I had to put this project aside for prioritization and will be picking it up to finish line this spring summer.

The hardware side of the engineering is complete, and the firmware layer, and the software layers are about 40% done. I am hoping to finish that off before the summer ends 🙂

Project Description
An Autonomous Arduino Robot based on a 4 wheel electric RC style vehicle equipped w/ various sensors and reactionary devices powered by Arduino Mega.

This project is to track the progress of this effort. The source code included in this project are 2 fold.

  1. ONE, for the onboard vehicle – such as Communication Model, etc written using Arduino language.
  2. TWO, is a C# based Command module that runs on a Windows PC that communicates w/ the vehicle.

The project is also placed on codeplex and can be found here

The hardware is built out using a lot, I mean a lot of hot glue.

More will be posted as I plough through this project:

A few pictures of the hardware finished A.L.I.B.E