I am fairly new to the “Jeep” ownership and the brand’s community.  Recently, I traded-in our BMW 7er 2001 model to get into a JK 2015 Rubicon Hardrock jeep.  I am thankful for the opportunity to own such a nice vehicle. I hope I do justice and take good care of her.

Since I’m a HAM, I am going to be installing a few things in the Jeep as I progress.  First thing I will be endeavoring is installing my FTM 400-DR in. The radio has a BU-2 Bluetooth module, so I am debating whether to stick w/ a BT headset or to hardwire the PTT/Audio, etc.  The latter is lot more work obviously, but, more seamless.  To do the latter, I am exploring an option where I can install a custom steering wheel control to do the PTT and then engage the vehicle’s audio and microphone circuitry.  I need to do more research on how exactly to tap into this. I’m sure others have done it, so I will keep looking.  In the meantime, I will stick to a BT headset.

The current install is being planned w/ the following rig:

  • Yaesu FTM 400-DR
  • Yaesu BU-2 BT Module
  • Diamond SRG7500 UHF connector
  • Antenna bracket for behind the spare wheel
  • Some braided copper grounding wire
  • Yaesu BH-2 BT heardset

A few pictures:

73s, Thanks



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