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This page contains a list of reference documents. Some I have put together, and some publicly available produced by others or by manufacturers.  I found these documents very helpful to me and a good reference material when needed.


  • Wiring Diagram between YAESU FT1D and Kantronics KPC 3+
    • KPC3 TNC to TRx MIC-SPK Wiring Diagram
      • This wiring should help connect your VX-8DR or FT1D to KPC 3+ TNC for operations such as APRS Digi and iGATE, WinLink RMS Express (both user and SysOp mode).
      • Note also you will need a solid external antenna connected to the HT if you really want to get that coverage range.
        • In my WinLink RMS Express user mode, operation, I hooked up my YAESU FT1D to my J-Pole Antenna (no gain roof top installed) and was able to operate RMS Express via a nearby repeater w/ a much larger antenna coverage.
        • In my WinLink RMS SysOp mode operation, I connected my FT1D to my 11db gain Comet GP-9 antenna and was able to operate in the SysOp mode very successfully.
      • Note also that you will need to ensure your connection between KPC 3+ TNC to your PC via the serial port on the TNC.  Please refer to the pages 30 to 43 in the Kantronics KPC 3+ Manual : KPC-3PlusmxRevG
      • Refer to my TNC-To-Go Project for added details

  • Tip to install velcro’d batteries and other objects into tightly constrained container areas
    • Application : Solar Powered battery power to-go stations;
      • Here’s an idea to install velcro’d batteries into tight areas in containers (such as into ammo cans while building solar powered to-go boxes) w/o having to wrestle in.
        • Take a few printer papers; place the papers on the Velcro sides of the battery; place the battery snugly into place along w/ the paper overlaid on its velcro’d sides;  once you have placed the battery into place, slide out the papers one at a time ensuring that the Velcro makes strong contact w/ the container’s Velcro.  repeat the paper removal till all sides of the battery’s Velcro are secured.  Same thing w/ your multiple batteries;  This idea is especially useful when placing objects into tightly constrained areas/enclosures w/ objects w/ multiple velcro’d surface areas 🙂
        • The printer papers provide the needed insulation btwn the two Velcro surface areas, while giving you the needed room to fit your batteries into place w/o having to wrestle them in.

73, N0AGI


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