In preparation toward the install of the N0AGI DMR Repeater #2, I wanted to go w/ a commercial UHF antenna. I was exploring Commscope DB series of folded dipole stacked antennas (404-B, 411-B, 408-B).  The 411-B, 408-B are very much beyond my budget so those two turned out to be OUT from my list.

So, let’s zone in on DB404-B from CommScope

A good fellow ham and a friend N0BVE – Don Rice, and I barter technology w/ each other; Recently, I acquired this antenna and short-spool-worth-of-feet of Heliax 1/2″ hardline coax from Don.

Today, I whipped some test bed together and started doing some SWR tests. Here, are a few pictures and a short YouTube video (soon to come).


YouTube Videos: