This page contains some high level listing of a few miscellaneous projects – nothing unique, fancy or complicated.  Think of these projects are rumblings of side projects if you will. A few pictures and YouTube videos.

  • LMR400 vs RG400/U cables for my rigs:
    • Update on my rig cabling, APRS and Fusion/WiRES-X projects:
      Among other projects (upgrading the firmware on my APRS radio and the Digi/iGate), I was working on replacing a couple of my LMR400s w/ the newly arrived RG400/U cables I got from a good seller on ebay.  I’m quite impressed w/ the outcome. I am now on a spree to replace all of my LMRs (tests look good thus far). Following is a short video of my review of the LMR400 vs RG400/U cable SWR performance

    • Post replacing the LMR400 w/ RG400/U on my APRS radio rig, I am already seeing some packet resolution improvement.  It bumped from 64% to 76% (+/-4%).
    • I will be working on setting up my Fusion repeater w/ these cables and moving my WiRES-X simplex sysOp over to Hybrid mode and into a repeater mode.
    • The ebay seller details are in the video if you are interested.  I basically emailed them, gave my cable requirements and they custom made and shipped them out. I got all 13 cables for $150.  Think is a good deal for these RG400/Us.  The cable stock was made in Switzerland; the ends are silver coated, Teflon ends.
  • TNC + HAM to go:
  • Portable Buddistick-Tripod Radio


73, N0AGI

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