S&B Lathe – Arrives and Situated

My newly acquired “Smart & Brown Model A MK-I” Tool-room lathe has arrived and found its home in my 3rd car garage  (aka extended workshop) area. I found a great delivery service here in the Eagan, MN area who were absolutely fantastic in delivering the machine to us. IF anyone’s looking for a machine delivery service, I would highly recommend them (T&K Service 612.720.1243).

While we were at situating the lathe, we also took the time un-palette the Bridgeport M-Head and relocated that to the corner of the workshop area.

I think these are good spots for my machines now.  My next big step is to dismantle the sheet-rock-wall (which we had built a few years back) so that the 3rd car garage area is transformed into a large single section.


A few Pictures of the delivery/move/locating: