I recently went back to one of my oldest passions, audio+music gear.  My passion for good audio gear and music grew when I was in high-school and college days in the 80s. Back then I was a window-shopper; not much in my pocket to shell out for decent gear. I did manage to buy an excellent boombox (yes, one of those large on-my-shoulders kinda one) made by CROWN model CSC-970. It was an enjoyable experience into the world of good audio gear (for me). Over time, I am thankful to the Lord for giving an opportunity to own several great pieces of audio gear and be able to enjoy quality music and hardware equipment.

Lately, as an audiophile, I redesigned and converted my home-cinema room to audio room, invested in some solid gear. I am huge fan of McIntosh’s – have been for several years.  Never owned any, until just recently when we got the McIntosh MA-352 Integrated Amplifier, a pair of MC-601 Power Amplifier Monoblocks.  I replaced my Pro-ject 9 with Pro-ject Evolution 12 with Sumiko Blackbird cartridge, a SONY HAP-Z1ES Digital Media Player/Streamer.  And, most recently, sold off my pair of Martin Logan Ascents and REL RL-505 and got into the super excellent FOCAL SOPRA No.2 Speakers.


As an audiophile, I eagerly look for detail and tangible separation of low, mid and high range renderings in the audio. Consequently, I not only care about good music, but, most importantly care about good gear that renders good music.  People say “true to original”; I tend to use that term myself ever so often;  the reality though is the only “true” nature of music is what came out of the artists original rendition.  Once it leaves the studio, that piece of work goes through several iterations of edits, overlays, and to be honest “massaging” and tweaking that makes the “true” nature not true anymore.

Anyways that’s my POV. That’s another thing too; What you hear me share, speak and address here through my comments, videos and blog posts are just that, “my POV” and “my opinion”.  I say that humbly because, music is a very personal experience thing and no two ears perceive music or the gear the same way.  Trust therefore, that these comments are just mine and my POV.  Please take it with a grain of salt.  My opinions are shared with no intentions to change your POV or perception.  Thanks that your appreciate that.

Well, in this section of “Audiophilic”, you will see various posts and updates to my audiophile journey. You will find these made public through the “NAGI.LABS” banners. All creative, constructive feedback is appreciated.

Thanks, and God Bless.