This post attempts to share updates on my WEB FARM Cluster (both #1 and #2).  I had built my first web farm cluster a couple of years back and runs ham services such as my call3.n0agi.com, dash.mndmr.net, cubes.n0agi.com and few backend services.

Following my first high level walk-thru video of my cluster #1, I have received several requests to do a deeper dive “how to” video.  So, after a long ado, I finally got around to making a 3 part series. What better way to show the “how to” than by building a brand new RASPI WEB FARM Cluster.

So, this page is about that cluster #2 build out “how to” project.



Project Files:

  • Here you will also find template files that are referenced in my YouTube video Part #1 here.  Please feel free to use these files for your own web farm build out project build out efforts.
  • Parts List:
  • Software Links:
    • Raspberry Pi – RASPBIEN download page
    • HDD Raw Copy tool at HDDGURU.COM
    • One of the best terminal tools – MOBAXTERM (people use PuTTy a lot too – it’s simple and not too many bells and whistles.  But, I really like MOBAXTERM)
    • Text Editors – ATOM and/or SUBLIMEText
    • NGINX – web server
    • Python – at Python Home
      • to install Python on your RASPI, simply ‘sudo apt-get install python
      • documents on Python guide (various levels of dev skills @ one spot)
    • PHP – components

A few Pictures:

  • Part 1:
  • Part 2 + 3:

YouTube videos:

Thanks for watching

73, N0AGI