YAESU DR-1X 1.00m FW Upgrde

This morning, Jan 1st 2016, Friday, I completed the upgrade of my DR-1X Firmware to 1.00m along with the supporting DSP FW.  Additionally, I went ahead and upgraded the HRI-200’s FW to the newer 1.01 and the WiRES-X software 1.1.  While this is NOT the much and still anticipated update of DR-1X 1.1 (D?) yet., this was just a natural progressive update to the equipment.

I have been running this for about a couple of hours now and it all seems to be working in cohesive pattern.  Although, I have noticed that the WiRES-X software dropped me off a room a couple of times w/ a “Socket Communications Timeout” error.  I will need to figure out what that is caused by.

While I was working on these upgrades, I went ahead and plugged in my GAsFET Pre-Amp to the Rx end on my repeater.

Here are a few pictures: