ARISS Tx sGate – “Field Day Ready” Setup

Earlier today July 2nd 2015, I had set up my ARISS “Field Day Ready” setup Tx-sGate at my QTH.  The goal of this project is to have a “ready-to-go” field ready setup that can be quickly carried w/ and setup w/ minimal time requirement and be up and running.

The “Field Day Ready” setup rig includes the following components:

  • 250W Aspect Solar SunSocket EnergyBar 250
    • Provides juice on the go for field day ops. Check out the site for more details
  • Goal-Zero Solar Panel portable pack
  • YAESU FT-2900R
  • Linksys WRT54GSDD-WRT flashed wireless router – programmed to run as a WiFi-Repeater.  I got mine from ebay
  • Microsat – WX3in1 mini – digi/igate; Fantastic product made in Poland.  Check out their website. The founder, owner Mateusz is genius and passionate about his work. I have two of his products the other device I have is the WX3in1 2 Plus I use for my terrestrial APRS
  • Eflite-Power Meter to keep track of power consumption
  • bunch of Anderson Pole – custom made connectors
  • GP-3 antenna for sat APRS operations.  Thanks to KD0KZE (Paul) for the pointer to this antenna as I was evaluating antenna options for ARISS ops
  • A quick carry heavy duty foldable workbench. retrofitted w/ pressure treated lumber

The following are a few pictures and a couple of snap shots of the latest propagation reports from the ARISS.Net site for ISS pass-through today:



73, N0AGI


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