The N0AGI-1 APRS Digi/iGate


Earlier this week Wednesday, Jun 8th 2016, in partnership w/ The Honorable Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, KA0PHD – Sgt. Hall and KC0OUZ – Adam,  I moved my N0AGI-5 Digi/iGate over to the Medina site that also hosts my N0AGI-MED DMR Repeater System.  The new call sign for the APRS station is N0AGI-1.

The Medina site boasts a 450 feet tower and the VHF antenna that’s being used for the N0AGI-1 station is at 380 feet. The following are a few screen shots and coverage map reports as of this am – June 11, 2016 7.00am CST.

About the Site:

With support and help from Sgt. Hall,  we secured the blessing from The Honorable Hennepin County Sherrif’s Office to deploy the N0AGI-1  WIDE APRS Digi/iGate at the 1600 Prairie Dr. in Medina.  Site owned by Hennepin County and used in the ARMER system.  The site boasts a 450′ tower – the APRS antenna is located at the base of 380 feet.

APRS Equipment:

  • The “N0AGI – APRS-In-A-Box
    • FT-2900 D
    • Microsat 3in1 WX2
    • YAESU 1200 Power Unit
    • enclosed in a two way air-circulatory Ax-Max electrical circuit heavy Duty PVC box
  • LMR-400 coax
  • Antenna at 380′ CELWAVE PD620.


Install Pictures:

Coverage Maps:

Jul 5 2016

Jun 13 2016

Jun 11 2016