Electronics Workbench

The hobby of Electronics has been in me since my 10 years of age.  When I was growing up, we never really had access to even the basic of parts, or tools, or resources to learn with.  Consequently, while my appetite for the hobby was super high, my ability to grasp and go deeper early on in my childhood had been slow.  Nevertheless, I kept at it and still strive to learn more about the “art of electronics” when I find some time.

I always had an electronics workbench setup in my house, but, never an elaborate one.  Recently, I determined to go much deeper with the hobby and decided to redesign my workbench with my existing and some new-to-me tools.

This page attempts to journal the various gear, projects, ideas, tips, etc in the art of electronics from my perspective.

Aug 2021 – New Electronics Lab – a few pictures.

Mar 24 2018 – A few picture of my attempt to replace the DDA-125 internal floppy drive w/ the after market TEAC drive:

Lab as of Mar 2nd 2018