HF Ops

I am primarily interested in packet operations across all bands.  HF has caught my interest off late, in particular to long range mail-over-rf, PSK-31, and HF-APRS.  I must admit, I have not done anything major in exploring this HF packet ops field, but, have only scratched the surface.  And, hence the more reason why I should perhaps spend a bit more time in learning more about it.

Over the course, I have gathered and still gathering, several resources and tools to help me learn more about HF – propagation, antennas, gear, and other resources.  So, this page will help me keep track of those activities and exploring this area a little bit deeper.

My Rig:

  1. I currently have two radios I use for HF operations – Yaesu FT-991 (base HF station) and FT-857D (from Shack-To-Go project).
  2. an ATAS-120 for HF antenna.  I should explore others here such as one that can mount on my antenna tower.
  3. Easy-Digi
  4. Software:
    • Ham Radio Deluxe/Digital Master
    • JT-65
    • FLDigi
    • PSK Reporter
  5. Online resources
    • propagation resources
    • YouTube channels

For propagation, I am trying to learn more about it using this report below:

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This effort is still under WIP and I will keep updating this page as I keep experimenting more.  Please visit this page again, and stay tuned for more updates.

Thanks. 73s