Modding the Motorola XPR-7550 stock antenna

I finally bit the bullet and ripped apart one of my XPR-7550’s stubby antennas to modify it to accept/accommodate an external antenna.

As many of us XPR-7550 portable radio owners know (some the hard way), that the radio’s antenna intake needs a special type of an antenna with a unique connector.  You could buy an OEM adapter to accommodate an external antenna if you have $200 big ones to shell.

I found this to be an interesting project for DIY – and consequently embarked on these next steps.  I am not publishing this posting so others can replicate what I did here, but, for my own references and blogging journal standpoint. If you decide to do this with your own antenna and/or radio, please proceed at your own risk.

I had purchased the following minimal parts

  1. acquired a couple of Motorola UHF stubby antennas from a dealer (~$12)
  2. you will need at least one BNC to SMA male adapters
  3. a sharp utility knife