Selling M1101 Trailer

Already SOLD


I am selling my M1101 Military trailer that I had purchased not too long ago for a project I had intended to build during this summer.  My work schedule got extremely crazy and has taken a bigger chunk of my time slice.  Consequently, I have put this up for sale so someone who will put this trailer for a good use and perhaps build out something really cool.




Couple of things to note as you look to purchasing this from me:

  • Trailer is for pick up only.  I live in Prior Lake, Minnesota. Will *not* ship.
  • Trailer is very good condition w/ a negligible ding in the front top section (see pictures)
  • While the trailer is in excellent condition and pulls and works great, I don’t intent to do any warranties or returns.  So, trailer is sold with NO-RETURNS, and is SOLD-AS-IS
  • 12v conversion:
    • replaced tail brake lights with 12v LED bulbs
    • I am including a $100 adapter that plugs the trailer lighting to your 12v vehicle trailer output. Trailer lighting works on 12v
  • Trailer is life-time registered in the state of MN
  • Cash only transaction
  • Competitively Priced to sell

I can be reached at or 612 440 6244