Nikon D3 – FULL KIT

Hello fellow EBAY’er

I am selling my RARELY USED Nikon D3 Camera along with a PROFESSIONALLY PUT TOGETHER FULL ACCESSORY KIT (Lenses, Filters, GPS, Remote Control, Bag, Holster, etc).  This entire kit was purchased at a local National Camera Exchange store, professionally put together.  I purchased this entire kit for going deeper into digital photography, but, have never been able to dedicate the needed time to fully use this state-of-the-art camera kit.

This is what you will get w/ this full package:

  • Nikon D3 (currently, trending at $2,100 USD)
    • Shutter Count is ONLY 10,194
    • please see below 1st picture.
  • Nikon SB-900 SpeedLight Flash w/ mounting shoe (currently, trending at $270 USD)
  • Nikon AFS-Nikkor 24-70mm 2.8G ED (currently, trending at $1,300 USD)
  • Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm – 1:1.4D (currently, trending at $125 USD)
  • Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 60mm – 1:2.8 D (currently, trending at $275 USD)
  • Nikon MC-36 (currently, trending at $125 USD)
  • Nikon -GP-1 (currently, trending at $75 USD)
  • Nikon EN-EL4a – x2 (currently, trending at $45 USD each)
  • Nikon MH-22 dual quick charger (currently, trending at $145 USD)
  • Giottos air blower lens cleaner (currently, trending at $15 USD)
  • B+W 77mm Circular Polarizer (currently, trending at $129 USD)
  • B+W 55mm Circular Polarizer (currently, trending at $80 USD)
  • B+W 77mmm UV Haze Filter (currently, trending at $60 USD)
  • ThinkTank Digital Holster (currently, trending at $40 USD)
  • Tamarac Expedition 6x (currently, trending at $250 USD)

At this current trend, you are looking at a total of $5,100 USD (let alone the time you will spend in searching for all this and paying separate shipping and the pain of the waiting :).  However, I am pricing this entire fully loaded kit to sell at $4,649 USD.  You will be READY-To-Go and start taking amazing quality pictures.

Rarely does a kit comes about such as this w/ this level of COMPLETENESS.  You will surely be amazed by the amount of time and money you will save by getting it all in one kit form.


See all the pictures and ask me any questions that I can help address in your purchase decision making effort.

Here are the full pictures: