I bought my Akai AJ-500 FS from a someone in the “Stereo2Go” site a few years ago. Later that year, I was approached by a local ad company to borrow it from me to showcase it in a commercial; which I was happy to allow; when they returned it to me, I found that the left hand side panel (see pictures below) was gone missing :(.  I also then noticed that the AM ferrite antenna rod came loose inside the box.

Also, the original owner from the Stereo2Go site, had installed two akai microphones on top of the radio through the use of two screws (see pictures below).  I  have had this for over 10 yrs now.

The unit plays well,  Radio works well.  But, never could record. The tuning meter lamp works well. The VU meter LEDs work well.

While the unit is working except for the above issues, I’m still putting this up for sale “as is” and “no returns”. I am hoping someone will find a good use for this fine radio w/ a little bit of TLC.  I got out of collecting boomboxes a long time ago and i don’t have the desire to maintain the radio.