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XPR 7550 Opening Splash Screen

  • I recently Photoshop’d a 132 x 90 px embedded w/ 256 colors – splash BMP file for my Motorola XPR 7550. I was pleasantly surprised w/ how nicely it shows on the radio.  Below are a couple of pictures for your reference. And, also added the BMP file I whipped together.
  • If you’d like one for your XPR7550, just ping me back. I can do one for you for free.  All I need is :
    • your CALLSIGN,
    • Name as you want appear (or whatever on the 2nd line)
    • and your contact phone number (or whatever on the 3rd line)
    • leave me a comment or email me at


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  • vening Matt and Nagi

    I hope this message find you well. I just ordered a TYT MD-380 could you please send me the web sites or forms as an attachment so I could register my radio. I should have it later next week.

    Call sign N0TNL

    Location Mpls MN
    Closets link Heather Hills Burnsville
    Thank you for all that you do

    • hi N0TNL-Matt
      thanks for reaching out. I replied to you via an email w/ link offline. Have a great DMR Experience and please spread the word!
      73, N0AGI

  • Hello Nagi,

    If you could make one of these for mine it would be awesome as I don’t have photoshop. I could also use one for both of my XPR-5550’s too but I know that the L X W is a different size for the mobile radio. Whenever you can get to it is cool.
    Mark A. Herman

  • Email sent Nagi. Thank you so much!!

  • Need a opening splash screen saying

  • Hello from a neighbor to the south (Iowa). We are getting very involved and excited about DMR here lately. I have an XPR7550 and an SL7550. I’ve tried to make my own screen for the SL to no avail. The SL7550 seems generous at 320×240 and 256 colors, so I tried doing a US flag, but it keeps telling me the palette is wrong. Any ideas? Thank you…


  • I’ve been trying to find software to make up a splash screen for my newly purchased XPR 5550 and am having zero luck. Are you still cranking out screens for folks? If so, and if you can do one with my call for the 5550 I’d much appreciate it.

    The image size for the XPR 5550 is 160 x 72, 256 color.

    My call is N1MHD

    And if you’re too busy or this is just something you can’t take on, please, no worries at all.


  • Nagi,
    Using the info you’ve provided I managed to make my own splash with my call, name and phone on a pic of the flag. In my case I used IrfanView to do the edits and conversion…worked great.
    My question now is: How to make the splash stay on just a little longer?
    Tnx& 73, David

  • This is amazing..I have spent more than a few hours trying to figure out how to generate a image that the CPS will accept

  • Just wanted to say thanks for the splash screens!! They look great!

  • email sent. Thanks in advance for making the splash screens.

    Mike, WM4RB

  • I just now resent it.

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