Yaesu FTM-400DR Bluetooth Module BU-2

Earlier over the weekend, I installed a YAESU BU-2 Bluetooth Module into my FTM-400 DR. This page is just a log of that quick exercise. Accompanied by a YT video.

73s, thanks,


FTM-400 DR – Bluetooth Module (BU-2) and Installation Pictures

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  • Do you happen to hear an intermittent buzz on 70cm frequencies after you installed the BU-2? I’ve tried two different boards in the same 400 and I get an intermittent buzz until I connect the headset and then it goes away.

    • hi Brad – i have not experienced that specific issue. I do scan a few UHF and VHF frequencies while on the road and i’m yet to see this issue. Does your FTM-400 have the latest DSP and FW ? Thanks for visiting and asking. 73s

  • Hello N0AGI
    Do you know if the BU-2 will pair with an Android tablet? I’m thinking if it does, then maybe APRSDroid might work with this radio through Bluetooth. Thanks!
    Hendrik W1FJC

  • Greetings! Were you ever successful in pairing the BU-2 to an Android and running APRSDroid? My TM-D700 is getting long in the tooth and I’ve been thinking the Yaesu with the big color screen would be nice.


  • Hi there,
    I´m about to order the UB-2 Bluethooth module for a Yaesu FTM-100DR….due I want the sound of it on an external bluetooth speaker that I can hear/move around my house (out of the shack room).
    Do you think that it will pear it?
    Thanks for your help!!!

    • hi Jose – the BT module is very picky about which end-point device (i.e., speaker/mic) that it wants to pair with. So, in short, I am not sure. I suggest you do some research on compatibility of which speaker/mic you’re pairing with. Hope that helps – best wishes

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